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2015 Motto- Win The Day! WTD!!!
A) We hand these out after our summer weight program. Each player is required to make a minimum of 16 workouts in order to receive their link.

B) Friday Game day, each player is required to hold up their link during roll call. Must have in order to play in game. Signifies that each is bought in!!!

"We have a link that binds our Bulldog brothers as we move towards our future, and it also gives us a link to our past Bulldog brothers."
A) The entire Bulldog football team, during the first week of August, will write down one goal each on a piece of driftwood.

B) We will then burn those goals, and collect the ashes. All of those individual goals and dreams are now ONE! We put the ashes into the BULLDOG VASE.

C) Game Day Ritual- Meet at the 50 yard line and repeat this chant and spread the ashes.

These are our ashes,
This is our creed

These are our hopes,
These are our dreams.

I leave my blood,
I leave my will.

I leave my tears,
Upon this field.

You are my brother,
You are my strength.

You are my will,
You are my Link.
Dear Fayetteville High, Our Alma Mater True,
Dear Fayetteville High, All Hail to You.

Our Colors Wave, the Purple and the White.
Our Spirits Brave, For Great Your Might.

Your History Shines Through All the Years.
With Memories Full of Joys and Tears.

Today, Tomorrow as in the Past
Our Love for You Will Grow and Last

In Gratitude to You, Our Praises Sing
Our Songs from Thankful Hearts We Bring.

And May Your Sacred Halls e'er Ring
With "Hail, Dear Fayetteville High."
1. A Team Player- "concerned more w/ winning than stats"
2. Loves the Game- "a Gym Rat- He is always around"
3. Loves to Win- "Is a competitor at everything"
4. Leads first by example- "Hard Worker"
5. Discipline Player- "Is Very Coachable"
6. Respected by teammates & coaches- "Cares about others"
7. A Playmaker- "scores high on productivity sheets"
8. Encourager-Stays positive- "Has great attitude"
9. Believes in Teammates and coaches- "Trust others"
10. Does Right on and off the field- A Good person to be around.

5 Poor Qualities We Do Not Want
1. Complainer and Griper
2. Late for practices/games/meetings
3. Misses practices/games/meetings
4. Bad attitude on and off the field.
5. Up and Down w/ effort and concentration.